Ask yourself ?

  • Is my facility lacking a good service technician?
  • Can my game room attendant do a better job?
  • Am I tired of hearing complaints about our games?
  • Customers claim they are dissatisfied or feel “cheated”?
  • Tired of paying high repairs and parts bills?

The Answer is TRAINING

We have put together an in-depth, on-site training program for your game room attendant, game room technician, service techs, and ride mechanics. We will teach your staff procedures, repairing, and parts sourcing. Best of all our training is on-site at your facility working on Your games and rides. This program is designed and tailored to meet your location’s specific needs. In the end your facility will run better with fewer headaches as you eliminate customer complaints, less equipment downtime and best of all save time and money. Experienced Instructor has 30 years of hands-on experience in the industry repairing and maintaining amusement games & rides.

Training Program

  • Customized curriculum
  • Small class size
  • Bonus “After Class Repairs”
  • All materials supplied
  • Less downtime
  • Starting as low as $1800.00 *
  • Call for details and scheduling

*Does not include travel expenses